High Frequency Welding Plastic Machine-(Automatic double-push plate embossing machine

DT---DINGTAY Brand name
8000---high frequency out W
C---C-type strong structure
2---2 working stations
F---Air pressure

  • High-sensor-protection system:This is our latest design,which has been for Design Patent of dingtay.The High-Sensor- Protection works before spark occurs, it protects both the material and the mould.With this special feature,users can sabe a lot of insulated accessories, such as insulated clothes and insulated paper. "
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE TUNER: Output power can be adjusted at the tuner according to electrode size and material thickness. In addition other control devices and special electrical circuits have cut down required welding time considerably to raise the machine productivity.
  • "ACCURATELY LOCATION :This machine is qualified to locate with high precision push plate location system. And the system make contra position of large area process, By using the machine, it increases times of produce benefit and the finished product rate reach 100%"
  • The system is equipped with anti-radio electromagnetic interference unit the design of the unit harmless caused by high frequency radiation.
  • Design for the appointed machine.
  • Made in taiwan.
  • The tracks of the accurate working, positions are regular and perfect, the manufacture process is steady.
  • Automatic protector of air pressure jar.
English Product High Frequency Welding Plastic Machine
(Automatic double-push plate embossing machine)
Model DT-10000C/L2F DT-12000C/L2F DT-15000C/L2F DT-25000C/L2F
H.F.out-put Power kw 10KW 12KW 15KW 25KW
Oscillation Frequency 27.12MHZ
Power Supply AC 220/380/415/440V 3p
Input Power(KVA) 20 24 28 38
Oscillation Tube 3069 3130 ITL/5-1/8T85 8T25
Rectifier Silicon Rectifier
Operation type Pneumatic OR Hydraulic pressure
Maximum pressure(kgs) Pneumatic 600kgs Pneumatic 800kgs Pneumatic 1200kgs
Up electrodes(mm) 550*400 700*550 900*700
Lower electrodes size(mm) 700*550 900*700 1050*950
Max gap of electrodes(mm) 200
Activities of the distance(mm) 150
high sensitive spark-suppressor device. high sensitive spark-suppressor device
Net Weight(kgs) 900 1000 1200 1800
Gross Weight(kgs) 1150 1250 1450 2100
Packing measurement(mm) 2600*1600*2100 3300*1800*2100 3700*2000*2100
Applicable material PVC, or contain ingredients PVC30%, PU, TPU, EVA, TPE, PE, PET-A of PET-G.PLA.New research and development of environmentally friendly materials.Soft and hard rubber, animal leather or cloth, can be processed 
Applicable product / range The large upper, exquisite trademark, gloves, basketball, football, urine bag, drip bags, cushions, ice pillow, mattress, cushion, foot pad ... can be processed.

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