High Frequency Welding Plastic Machine-(Automatic double-push plate embossing machine)

DT---DINGTAY Brand name
12000---high frequency out W
C---C-type strong structure
2---2 working stations

  • SYNCHRONOUS CUTOFF OF OIL PRESSURE AND HIGH FREQUENCY :This unit uses the combined mould with blade or ally steel blade to directly cut the voltage material at the blade position of the mould through the oil pressure system ,following the completion of the high frequency voltage program. Thus,it can reduce the rej ected products caused by cutter's
  • additional cut off after the high frequency,and greatly improve the production efficiency. This machine is most applicable for cutting and processing the voltage of high accuracy trademarks, vamps and watchbands and greatly improve the production efficiency. This machine is most processing the voltage of high accuracy trademarks,vamps and watchbands.
  • OIL PRESSURE PRESSURE INSTALLATION: The machine dispose pressure adding installation of oil pressure . it can regulate the pressure reducing valve of oil pressure according to use condition(Okg-45kg),and it is good for the operating worker to reduce working load and improve the quality of voltage product ,it can change the voltage processing handicraft greatly.
  • ACCURATELY LOCATION : This machine is qualified to locate with high precision push plate location system. And the system make contra position of large area process, By using the machine, it increases times of produce benefit and the finished product rate reach 100%
Chinese products 高周波塑膠熔接同步裁斷機-雙側滑台-氣油壓增壓式
English Product High Frequency Welding Plastic Machine-(Automatic double-push plate embossing and cutting machine)
Model DT-12000C/L2YC DT-15000C/L2YC
H.F.out-put Powwe kw 12KW 15KW
Oscillation Frequency 27.12MHZ
Power Supply AC 220/380/415/440V 3p
Input Power 24KVA 28KVA
Oscillation Tube 3130 ITL/5-1/8T85
Rectifier Silicon Rectifier
Operation type Hydor-Pneumatic
Maximum pressure(kgs) 20Tons
Up electrodes(mm) 450*300 550*400
Lower electrodes size(mm) 650*500 750*600
Max gap of electrodes(mm) 200
Activities of the distance(mm) 150
high sensitive spark-suppressor device high sensitive spark-suppressor device
Net Weight(kgs)(kgs) 1550 1750
Gross Weight(kgs(kgs) 1750 1950
Packing measurement(mm) 1650*220*2150 2000*1800*2100
Applicable material Applicable material:PVC or contain ingredients PVC30%, PU, TPU, EVA, TPE, PE, PET-A PET-G.PLA all sorts of new environmentally friendly materials. Fit with nylon non-woven, leather, weaving, cotton, rubber cloth, a variety of materials.
Applicable product / range Applicable product / range:The large upper, exquisite trademark, gloves, basketball, football, urine bag, drip bags, cushions, ice pillow, mattress, cushion, foot pad ... can be processed.

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