Over the years, we have continued to grow with the concept of professional technology, excellent quality and best service. We have continued to grow and develop. With more than 30 years of accumulation, our professional and excellent technology and rich experience have enabled our products to continuously improve and innovate. In the design, operation and maintenance of machinery, it is continuously improved to reduce the failure of machine components and provide users with a longer life of the machine. For example: We use Canon CANON ELECTRON (formerly TOSHIBA) imported from Japan for vacuum tubes, which allows customers to use it more safely and more efficiently.

In accordance with the principle of plastic welding, continuous testing and improvement, our goal is to solve customer production technical problems, and at the same time improve self-development, mechanical automation design, quality improvement design, reduce costs, toward production automation as the concept, and will be customized The machine provides satisfactory service to customers.

For our company, the pursuit of excellent quality and customer satisfaction is our long-term and never-changing business goal. Now we have passed the EU CE safety certification mark, so that a wide range of customer groups can buy it with peace of mind and peace of mind. Look forward to your criticism and advice, it will make us continue to improve to provide you with better service.

Current sales locations: Europe, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Middle East, Central and South America, Central and Southeast Asia and other overseas regions.
The product line includes: high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency hand tool blister packaging machine, professional canvas machine, transfer machine... and other special models, or customized to meet customer needs.

Our products are trustworthy
Our products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world. It ensures our superior quality products meet most customers. More than 90% of our customers stay long-term relationship with us. Every feedback pushes us to stay humble and to do our best to fulfill you. Don’t be hesitate to contact us for further information.
The Factories We Had Sold in
Vietnam / Cambodia / India / Myanmar / China / Indonesia / Bangladesh
Middle East
Turkey / Saudi Arabia / Israel / Iran / Pakistan Kenya
Ethiopia / Kenya / South Africa